Research Laboratory of Energy Applications and Energy Saving Systems 

Why choose us

The Research Laboratory of Energy Applications and Energy Saving Systems (EAESS) was established in March 2015 to accommodate the implementation of basic and applied research. The lab aims to support a range of different activities, including the provision of educational and research services at undergraduate or graduate level, the cooperation with national or international research centers and academic institutions, and the provision of services to public/private sector organizations or industry. Also, the lab is organizing or assisting scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, or other scientific events.

The EAESS Lab focuses mainly on the following topics:

High Voltage

High Voltage Technology and Applications

ElectroHydroDynamics (EHD)

Corona Discharge

Sustainable Energy

Energy Saving Technologies

Renewable Energy Systems

Modeling & Simulation

Modeling, Analysis and Measurement of Electromagnetic Fields

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Energy Systems

Electromechanical Systems & Equipment

Electromechanical Conversion Systems

Measuring Systems

Fault Diagnosis & Preventive Maintenance

Power and Energy

Energy Management and Energy Control Systems

Electrical Power Quality


Processing and Evaluation of Energy-related Information in Technological, Economic and Political Decisions

From idea to realization

Services we provide

The EAESS Lab can provide the following services:

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